Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! The Riverside Game Lab is open to all ages before 10pm every night. After 10 PM, only guests over the age of 21 will be permitted entry.

Where do I park?

The most convenient parking is in the Parking Structure #7 is located behind the Riverside Game Lab on Fairmount Blvd.

Is there a cover charge? Hourly fee to play games?

There is no cover charge or entry fees at the Riverside Game Lab. All of our arcade and pinball games take Riverside Game Lab tokens, and our Virtual Reality pods are priced by time you want to play. Please see our Games page for more info!

How much are tokens? How do I get them?

Tokens cost one quarter each. 4/$1, 20/$5, etc. Tokens are available both from the machines on the floor, or can be added to your tab at the bar in $5 increments.

Will the games accept quarters too?

No, the games only accept Riverside Game Lab tokens. Please do not try to force quarters or other sized coins through the mechanism, as you will lose your coin and can break the machine.

Can I drink in the game areas?

Feel free to take your drink from the bar with you while you enjoy your experience at The Riverside Game Lab. We only ask that you DO NOT attempt to drink while wearing a VR headset and DO NOT place your drinks on the games themselves. We provide drink holders around the arcade area for your convenience. Otherwise, please enjoy your drink responsibly!

How often will you get new games?

We value making available as wide a range of games as possible. New releases, old classics, and obscure novelties will make their way onto the floor regularly.

Can I reserve a private room or area away from the rest of the public?

Yes! We have two large party rooms that can each accommodate about 20-30 guests per room depending on whether or not you want seating or standing room. Please direct any reservation requests to reservations@riversidegamelab.com.

What kind of games can I play?

We feature a variety of games, from classics like Galaga and Pac Man to classic gun shooters like Area 51 and House of the Dead. We also house 20 pinball machines ranging from late 70s Williams and Ballys machines as well as modern day Stern Machines like Stranger Things. We also have a variety of 90s beat 'em up classics like The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! See our games list for a full listing of what we have available.

What are my food options here?

Riverside Game Lab is home to a full kitchen that is named CoLab Kitchens! You can order at the bar in the back of the building. Also, Riverside Game Lab is located only feet away from the Riverside Food Lab, which offers a dozen different choices for full meals.

Can I bring food from the Riverside Food Lab into the Game Lab?

No. We do NOT allow food or alcohol from outside of the Riverside Game Lab, including anything from the Food Lab. Please plan accordingly and eat at the Riverside Food Lab before your visit to the Riverside Game Lab.

A game ate my token! What’s up with that?

Unfortunately, some of these arcade games are almost 40 years old! That makes them a bit cranky sometimes, but we love them anyway. If you have a machine eat your token(s), please alert the nearest Riverside Game Lab staff and they will be able to assist you. Promptly alerting Game Lab staff will allow you to recover any lost tokens and for you to prevent this from happening to anyone else!

Are we hiring?

Yes we are! Game Lab is always looking for great people! Please go to our 'Now Hiring' page to check all available positions.

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not required! We recommend making reservations if you plan on coming with a large party, or if you plan on playing VR. However, we do not require reservations if you decide to come!

Do you sell or work on arcades?

We do not sell our arcade cabinets. However, if you need help restoring or fixing an arcade cabinet you own, feel free to email us at info@riversidegamelab.com and we can put you in contact with a technician.

When are you open?

Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions put forth by the State of California and County of Riverside, we are open the following hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday - Thursday: 5PM - 11PM Friday: 5PM - 1AM Saturday: 12PM - 1AM Sunday: 12PM - 11PM We will continue to adjust and update our hours as we can, following the guidelines put forth by State and local health authorities.

Can I have a private event here?

Yes you can! If you have an event that is 50 or fewer people, we can accommodate you via our normal reservation rooms. If you have a larger group of over 50 people, you can buyout the Riverside Game Lab for a time and we can accomodate you and your party for however long you would like. We can accommodate but out parties of up to 400 people at a time. Please email us at reservations@riversidegamelab.com if you would like to host a private event with us!

What's kind of Virtual Reality do you have?

Currently we have 6 HTC Vive Pro headsets that are available for play. You can rent a booth that offers one headset and seating for your party to view your VR experience in 15 minute increments. One person can play at a time in each booth, and you can switch in and out as much as you'd like. We offer both single player and mutliplayer games that can play up to 6 players at once. Check out the Games page on our website for a full list of games available.

Can anyone play Virtual Reality?

We ask that only guests over the age of 10 years old play our Virtual Reality. Unfortunately small children can get sensory overload when they try to play VR. This usually results in either them getting sick or refusing to listen to safety directions which can lead to them getting hurt. In order to prevent our guests from having a bad experience, we ask that all guests playing VR must be at least 10 years old.